Coin specs about 21+ cryptocurrencies

21+ coin specs

Type = Coin or token. A coin has its own blockchain while a token is deployed on an existing blockchain.
—) ERC20-Token = Token on the Ethereum blockchain
2nd layer = Lightning network integration/support. Furthermore, second layer solutions to scale the network like Cardano with Hydra.
TPS = on-chain TPS (transactions per second). The lightning network could scale theoretically unlimited.
MN = Masternode support/integration
Proof = POW (Proof of Work), POS (Proof of Stake), POC (Proof of Capacity), POI (Proof of Importance), dPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake)
Privacy = Project has a privacy feature like RingCT, zk-Snarks, etc.
Inflation rate = Measured per block

NameTypeProof typeMN2nd layerTPSBlock size limitBlock timeMax supplyPrivacyInflation rateInflation model
BitcoinCoinPOWNoYes71MB10min21 milNo6.25 BTCHalving every 4 years
EthereumCoinPOWNoYes12.3 (Varies)Varies10-19secNo max supplyNo3 ETHRewards are constant
LitecoinCoinPOWNoYes561MB2.5min84 milNo12.5 LTCHalving every 4 years
TetherERC20-TokenNo max supplyNoVariesMinted by Tether
XRPCoinConsensusNoNo1.500100 BNoReleased by Ripple
ChainlinkERC20-Token1 BNoNo new tokens
EOSCoinDPoSYesNo50.000 (Max peak 4k)Varies500msNo max supplyNoVaries5% / year
TezosCoinDPoSYesNo512kb1 minNo max supplyNo (coming soon)80 XTZ5% / year
MoneroCoinPOWNoNo810 (Varies)Varies2minNo max supplyYesVaries (~1.6 XMR)Drops every block until 0.6 XMR
NEMCoinPOIYesNo2Dynamic1min9 BNoVaries0% / year
NeoCoindBFTNoYes33.3~10kb15sec100 milNo7 GAS1.1% / year (1 GAS per block removed every year)
CosmosCoinPOSNoNo200Varies5sNo max supplyNoVaries7%-20%
DogecoinCoinPOWNoNo331MB1minNo max supplyNo10.000 DOGE5% / year
AaveERC20-TokenNo max supplyNo
CardanoCoinPOSNoNo (Hydra coming)2052MB20sec45 BNoVaries5% / year
TRONCoinDPoSYesNo7481MB3secNo max supplyNo (coming)32 TRX0.77% / year
PIVXCoinPOSYesNo1732MB1minNo max supplyYes5 PIVFixed block rewards
NavcoinCoinPOSNoNo11202MB30secNo max supplyYes2 NAVFixed block rewards
ZCashCoinPOWNoYes272MB1.25 min21 milYes6.25 ZECHalving every 4 years
Crypto.comCoinPOSYesNo??30 sec100 BNo?10%
UniswapERC20-Token1 BNo
BalancerERC20-Token35.7 milNo
SynthetixERC20-TOkenNo max supplyNo
Bitcoin CashCoinPOWNoNo13032MB10 min21 milNo6.25 BCHHalving every 4 years
Bitcoin SVCoinPOWNoNoVariesVaries10 min21 milNo6.25 BSVHalving every 4 years
Binance CoinCoinPOSNoNoVaries1MB1-3 sec176 milNo0 BNBCoin burns

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