About Us

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Hi. I’m Maximilian Groß, the owner of FireStake and this blog. I created this site to share interesting stuff about cryptocurrencies.

I tried many things including mining, staking, landing, and Masternodes to get extra coins/tokens. However, I liked staking the most. I built FireStake to help the crypto community start staking in the easiest and securest way possible.

I like building platforms that help people. Therefore, I created three YouTube channels to help the crypto community even more.

  • Lazy Coin Reviewer: This channel is about project reviews and finding the hidden gems.
  • FireStake: This channel is about FireStake, including news, updates and tutorials for new features.
  • Private channel: This channel is about my experience with investing and other topics that don’t fit the two channels mentioned above.

I know the crypto space since 2016. I started to get interested before the big bull run around 2017-2018. I’m also an educated full-stack software engineer.

Here is my advise before you start investing.

Learn it, do it, make mistakes, and learn from the mistakes.

~ Maximilian Groß